Walex Automatic Assure Refillable Dispenser

  • Automatic dispenser
  • 3000 sprays per fill
  • Refillable bottle
  • Warning light when nearing empty
  • Programme set times and days
  • Great for toilets, showers, & canteens
  • Eliminates airborne odours fast
  • The organic formula contains natural essential oils
  • safe to use, non-toxic & long lasting

Save Money & Reduce Waste

Walex Automatic Assure Refillable Dispenser can be filled with our Assure Odour Neutralizer, which comes in a 3.8L bottle. Assure is the result of years of research into the elimination of airborne odours. Assure eliminates and reduces airborne air as a mist or direct to the surface. The natural and organic formula is safe to use and non-toxic. Works with all types of portable and permanent atomizing systems and will not clog nozzles.

Assure is available in a 19L pail – concentrate