Walex Porta-Por Super Concentrate Orange Twist

Great formula as Porta-Pak – Now in a Liquid Version

  • Concentrated Liquid Formula
  • Commercial Strength Deodorization
  • Breaks Down Waste & Paper
  • Cleans Holding Tank & Sensors
  • Formaldehyde-free & Biodegradable
  • Orange Twist Fragrance
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Porta-Por’s 3-in-1 formaldehyde-free liquid performance deodorizes and breaks down paper and waste. Portapor cleans tanks with just one dosage. Its super-concentrated formula is perfect for the ultimate week-long odour control.

Directions for use:  For the 960ml bottle, pour 30ml of Porta-Por into the toilet holding tank by flushing or direct add. Use adequate water to cover the bottom of the tank.