Walex Top-Tanx Flush Tank Rinse Lavender

Liquid Flush Tank Rinse

  • Creates a protective layer in the toilet
  • Minimizes odour buildup and bacterial biofilm formation
  • Lubricates seals and bowl
  • Safe for ceramic and plastic bowls
  • Formaldehyde-free chemistry
  • Non-staining colourant
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Top-Tanx Flush Tank Rinse keeps the flush water fresh and clean with a subtle lavender scent.  Use to create a proactive layer in the toilet to minimise the odour build-up and inhibits algae growth. Using the Walex Top-Tanx will prevent marks on your bowl, better hygiene and is safe on seals, pumps, valves and moving parts.

Directions for use:  Pour 96ml into the rinse water tank prior to filling it with water.  Dose 96ml to every 15 litres of flush water.