Exodor Deodorant Discs and Insect Repellent


  • Defends against flying insects
  • 100 Discs per bag, 5 bags per case
  • For use in bathrooms, cars, boats, RVs, & homes


We proudly present Walex Citronex Deodorant Discs —the first-ever insect repellent developed for use in the portable restroom industry!
CITRONEX is an exclusive blend of pleasant-smelling naturally occurring insect repellents added to the EX-ODOR deodoriser.
Scientific studies prove CITRONEX repels flying insects in and around your restroom! Eliminate tough odours with Exodor Deodorant Discs, our portable air freshener that lasts up to 30 days! Deodorant Discs are powered by essential oils that react with odour molecules to form odourless compounds rather than simply masking smells with fragrance.

Place the disc inside a disc holder or on a self-adhering hook. Conceal it in an inconspicuous place, such as behind the toilet, on the back side of a vent pipe, or by the trash receptacle. Slide zipper bag heat sealed for freshness.