WALEX Assure Odour Neutraliser

Odour eliminator spray will eliminate the odours do not mask the odour like most air fresheners

  • Assure actually destroys odour molecules on contact, whether in the air or on fabrics
  • Contains natural oils



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Eliminate Odors on Contact!

Assure Odour Neutraliser results from years of research into eliminating airborne odours. Assure eliminates and reduces airborne air as a mist or direct to the surface. The natural and organic formula is safe to use and non-toxic. It works with all portable and permanent atomizing systems and will not clog nozzles.

  • Safe for use around dogs and cats
  • Use on couches, chairs, carpets, and other fabric surfaces. Leaves the area with a fresh fragrance that lasts
  • Specifically designed to fight even the toughest pet, trash, and bathroom odours
  • Also great for eliminating smoke, mould and mildew or anywhere a foul odour is present

Assure Eliminates Odors:
Portable restrooms, trash receptacles, trailers, trucks… Spray Assure anywhere there’s odour